Arospeed Apeal

If you are in the marketing for new rims, the Arospeed Wheel has amazing appeal. It was designed to fit the needs of car enthusiasts while maintaining a perfect balance of strength and durability while keeping the weight to a minimum. Made with T-64 aluminum alloy these rims are made to be pure and definitely high quality wheels. They make for great racing rims on many import cars used for racing.

We can customize to any color:

We have Arospeed racing rims in the most popular color to meet your need. These have the power of attraction and will cut eyes around any corner you go no matter what color you get.


AboutArospeed Wheels

About Arospeed

The Arospeed brand is one to compete with in the automotive custom and imports field. If you want a tuner wheel that looks great and can perform, you should consider buying rims from Arospeed wheel line. After being developed by a team consisting of engineers, designers, specialists, and car experts, this brand will hold strong to its name because so much technology has gone into this product. They have rims made from a manufacturing process like no other. The process includes an x-ray inspection, vacuum testing, and a heat treatment to bring together perfect racing rims for car enthusiasts. These rims are subject to deep measure testing and quality control inspection that reaches top notch goals to ensure that each wheel goes above and beyond all international standards.